Inspired by park founders Henry and Betsey Crandalls’ big ideas and their generosity to the community, Harold “Bud” Taylor, a local civic, government, and business leader, established the Crandall Park Beautification Committee in 1999, inviting local citizens to volunteer their time and expertise.  Relying on input and funding from the community and working in concert with the City of Glens Falls, Mr. Taylor and the Beautification Committee successfully undertook numerous improvement projects, including the construction of a bandshell, field house, and handicapped-accessible pier on the fishing pond.


Now under the leadership of local attorney and civic leader Elizabeth Little Hogan, the Committee has undertaken another exciting round of improvements to our beloved park, including a lighted court complex, 18-hole disc golf course, and a splash pad.


Elizabeth Little Hogan

Erika Schielke

Tom Jarrett

Sally Behan


Erin Constantino; Paul Cummings; Norabelle Greenberger; Mike Greenslade;  Colleen McGuirk; Jim O’Hara; Rachel Murray; Reuben Oswald; Aaron Roberts; Patty Rogge; Tori Torrisi

Harold “Bud” Taylor

Dear Friends,

I wish I could have met Henry and Betsey Crandall and told them how much the park they created means to me, my family, my neighbors, and my community. The greenspace they donated to the people of Glens Falls is where so many of us go to clear our minds, boost our spirits, and exercise our muscles. We meet our friends there, walk our dogs there, bring our children to play there, and enjoy the silence of the woods there. And over the past two years, as we have struggled with quarantines and social distancing, the blessings of the park’s nearness, beauty, and safety have become even more apparent.

Of course, the Crandalls, whose foresight, creativity, and generosity gave us the park, both died many years ago, so I can’t thank them in person. But, as President of the Crandall Park Beautification Committee, I’m trying to thank them and to honor their gift to us in another way. The members of the Beautification Committee and I are dedicated to nurturing the park that does so much to nurture us. Working in concert with the City of Glens Falls, we conceptualize, oversee, and raise money for many types of improvement projects, some of which are geared toward preserving and protecting the park’s natural resources, others to expanding its recreational offerings.

The talented and generous members of the Beautification Committee come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, but we are united in mission. That mission inspires the committee members not only to share their expertise generously, but also to take the time and effort to become knowledgeable in all sorts of new areas, whether the workings of a splash pad or the best plants for pollinators. The good humor, the knowledge, and the energy that the committee members bring to each meeting is humbling, and I’m honored to work beside them.

I invite, you, too, to join this important work by making a generous donation. Mr. and Mrs. Crandall would thank you. And so will I.

Elizabeth Little Hogan
Crandall Park Beautification Committee
PO Box 973
Glens Falls, NY 12801